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The First Blog Post!

Allison Holdridge

Posted on July 15 2018

The First Blog Post!

Welcome to BQN Local! 

When I set up this online shop a few months ago, I intended it to be a platform and marketplace for local artists, artisans, growers, makers and farmers. It's not as easy to find locally made or grown products here in Puerto Rico as it is stateside. Although we have lots of local farm stands, some transport their produce in from the states when certain crops aren't producing, and most don't carry local greens, which are difficult to maintain in the heat. 

Serendipitously, just as I was getting off the ground (and begging our Community Center to offer fresh salads), I'd heard that my neighbor Cristina was working with local farmers to bring fresh produce to Air Station Borinquen every week. It was a long time coming! We needed veggies! It's been an amazing experience working with Cristina. She's been the driving force behind all of the amazing locally-grown organic produce we've been receiving every week. 

Over the next few weeks and months, I hope to be able to offer a wider array of products on the site. Next week, we're featuring beautiful fermented foods from our friends at Tamapöla Bites, including saurkraut, sauces and salsas, and lactose-free ghee. Tamapöla's fermented and probiotic products promote good gut health, improve digestion, and boost immunity.

Weekly offerings are usually released on Sunday evenings. Make sure you're signed up (there's a form on the home page). Orders must be made by 11:59 on Monday nights so all of our vendors have time to pick and pack and have it ready for pickup by Wednesday at 4pm. 

As we get closer to the holiday season, shipping will be offered for some of the non-perishable products, including gifts, artwork and handmade souvenirs. I'm super excited about this!

If there's something you'd like to see in the shop, leave us a comment below!


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